The Healer's Journey

Original paintings & poetic guidance

by Dzhan Wiley and Amanda Lux

The Healer's Journey Dream Oracle deck is uniquely composed of 44 cards each made from custom paintings of various sizes and mediums.

Each painting, inspired by dreams and dream journeys, is a portal offering guidance on your own healing journey.

This cohesive collection of custom painted artwork and poetic guidance will be available Fall 2024. Enter your name and email to pre-order your limited first edition copy today!


Dzhan Wiley and Amanda Lux have been creating and writing together since their early teens. Best freinds and soul sisters for over 34 years, they have gathered inspiration from their travels around the world and the rich complexity of authentic living.

For the last ten years they have been painting and processing their dreams, both waking and sleeping, in order to bring you this deck of 44 cards (22 paintings each), accompanied by co-written poetic guidance.

The intention behind this work has been both personal healing and in service of the collective healer's journey.